We provide the same course notes, tools, and templates you would receive in our “in-person” traditional classroom course.  By providing them to you in an online self-study format, you save thousands of dollars!


Program Details:

Course: Lean Management Certification (Lean Manufacturing the Toyota Way)
Couse Length: Approximately 40 hours
Course Deadline: 1 year from purchase
Course Format: Self-paced/Self-study
Prerequisites: None
Lesson Format: Video Presentation (Flash)
Number of Lessons: 10
Number of Exams: 10
Exam Type: multiple-choice, non-timed, 25 questions
Exam Retakes Allowed: Yes (unlimited within 1 year)
Project Required for Certification: No
Final Certification Format: PDF (View Sample)
Course Requirements: Internet access, email account, compatible web browser, ability to view PDF documents.



Enrollment Notice:


Sorry, we are no longer accepting new enrollments into this course at this time.


For those seeking Six Sigma Training and Certification, we recommend Aveta Insitute's Six Sigma Online. In addition to this course, they offer several different "specialized" versions as well (i.e. for Healthcare, Finance, IT, etc.).


For those seeking to just take the online certification exam, we recommend you visit The Council for Six Sigma Certification.




Topics Covered:

Lesson 1: Toyota History - Part A
Lesson 2: Toyota History - Part B
Lesson 3: History of the Automobile - Part A
Lesson 4: History of the Automobile - Part B
Lesson 5: Post World War II American Auto
Lesson 6: The U. S. Auto - the 60's and the 70's
Lesson 7: The U. S. Auto -70's oil crises, the 80's and the 90's
Lesson 8: The U.S. Auto - the 21st Century
Lesson 9: Hyundai / Kia
Lesson 10: Lean Tools